All Natural Handmade Soap

All Natural Handmade SoapAll Natural Handmade SoapAll Natural Handmade Soap

A lesson in entrepreneurism

About Madeline

I'm 12 years old & my mom works for me!

Two summers ago, my Grandma bought me a subscription crate that sent me a new craft every month. One month was how to make soap. After I was finished I asked my mom to buy more supplies because I loved making soap!

Hatchimal for Sale

When I told my parents I wanted to start selling my soaps, they told me they supported me 100% ... until I asked them for money! They told me they would charge me interest, so I had to come up with a backup plan. I decided to sell my new Hatchimal for the capital I needed. 


I've moved my business from the dining room to the sun room. Eventually I would like to have my own shop to sell my soaps in. I hope you enjoy my work!